Amy and Rick, Kinder Woodcraft Owners

Hi, we are Amy and Rick, and we are a small, UK based, family run business. We have two young children and have been practicing Montessori at home with them from very early in our parenting journey. All our wooden toys and learning resources have been carefully designed in line with the Montessori method, and from observing our own children's play and development.

As a family, and business, there are two things we are extremely passionate about. Education and Sustainable Living.

We truly believe that these two things have the power to change the world, as did Maria Montessori.

Very early on in our journey into parenthood, we realised that there wasn't much in the way of handmade, wooden, Montessori inspired toys available in the UK. What we were looking for would have meant shipping toys from across the world, and we felt we just couldn't justify that. But above all else, our reason for starting this business is the simple wish for more family time, and freedom from the fast-paced, corporate world. We want to savour these precious years with our children and family, whilst contributing something good to the world.

What We believe; 

Education is a journey that starts at birth, driven by a natural curiosity and desire to explore. Observing babies and children, and providing them with developmentally appropriate materials and opportunities to explore will allow them to nurture the skills they are naturally drawn to.

Exploration is education, not a classroom chore.

“Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society” - Maria Montessori

Our Mission

Our mission is to create heirloom quality, non-toxic, sustainable toys that will spark your child's natural curiosity and desire to explore. From our family, to yours.

Our Toys 

Our toys are beautifully simple by nature, and have been designed with carefully considered error-control, skill isolation, and sensorial appeal. All our products are natural, non-toxic and have been fully CE Tested for the safety of your child.

Our toys and learning resources:

  • Nurture curiosity 
  • Improve focus
  • Are sensorial by nature
  • Look beautiful in your home
  • Provide concrete learning experiences
  • Will stand the test of time (and children)