Suppliers and Materials

All our toys are made from locally sourced wood from a single supplier who, like us, cares deeply about our environment.

They are strict in sourcing timber only from accredited suppliers, sawmills or timber merchants that are either certified by PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

As well as being mindful of their timber supply, they also recycle all timber waste and are totally self-sufficient with the Talbotts C4 Boiler producing green heat, and by utilising 10 tonnes of wood shavings per week, they achieve a zero net gain in CO2 with no fossil fuels burnt whatsoever.

Design and Manufacture

All of our Montessori Inspired toys are designed and made at our workshop in the UK, so your toys come straight from us, to your door. 

Our workshop is powered partly by solar energy supplied from 8 of our very own solar panels. Any grid energy we use is supplied by BULB, the UK's biggest green energy supplier who provide all their members with 100% renewable electricity.


All Kinder Woodcraft packaging is Recycled, Recyclable and plastic free. 

Waste Disposal 

We do our best to minimise our waste by re-using and recycling packaging from our suppliers and avoiding materials supplied in plastic where possible. We are committed to encouraging our suppliers to look for greener, more sustainable solutions in areas with potential improvement.

The scrap wood produced from our workshop will never go to landfill. We store, re-purpose and recycle all offcuts. Our own children have boxes full of 'building blocks' made from our offcuts.  

Questions and Concerns

We are committed to continuous improvement and regularly re-evaluate our carbon footprint.

If you wish to know more about the steps we are taking as a company (and family) to protect our environment, or to raise a concern or suggestion. Please email [email protected]